Green has been seen in a wide variety of shades, from sea foam and mint to emerald and neon. The intensity of the hue changes the mood of the look. If you don't like experimenting, grab a pastel green shopper and enjoy a discreet everyday fashion look.


8 fashion trends 2022 Creative Workz
How will fashion change this year and which shoes will be relevant in spring-summer 2021?

Check out the latest fashion collections and experiment with your everyday style. Check what items in your wardrobe are already out of date and what new items should be included in it.

Cocoon dress

We also recommend watching the documentary "Land of Honey" (2019) and get inspired by the "beekeeper's dream" outfits that creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista came up with for Kenzo. Ideal for maintaining social distance (like shown here

Wrist Bags

An ingenious solution to always have a sanitizer close at hand.

Dress over trousers

Miuccia Prada demonstrates the wonders of layering and suggests wearing smart dresses paired with classic black trousers for the new season. A great idea for those who do not want to part with their favorite summer dresses, even in winter.

Duo Hoodie with Sheer Dress

Matthew Williams read our minds: a hoodie paired with a sheer gown - what could be better? In this outfit, you can meet all the upcoming holidays.

Pink color

Danish designer Cecile Bansen looks at the world with optimism and advises in the new season to dilute the wardrobe with all shades of pink: from rich fuchsia to delicate pastels.

Dress shirt

Almost a year of work on the "remote" could not but affect our ideas about the office wardrobe. It seems that next spring, even ardent adherents of a strict working dress code will change into relaxed shirt dresses, as at the shows of Proenza Schouler, Gabriela Hearst and Hugo Boss.

Psychedelic prints

This year, we're voting to bring back the good old California counterculture with psychedelic prints and weird silhouettes.

Hypertrophied volumes

Finally, we left the main fashion rule for the next year: the more volume, the better.

It is impossible to describe all fashion trends in one article. For example, scarves come back into fashion, we learn to knit them stylishly. In the next articles, Militta will continue to talk about fashion trends, we will analyze all the significant collections from Fashion Weeks so that our readers can choose images that will help to be in trend.