With the onset of the Renaissance, art and craft began to develop rapidly. Creators are respected. Many sought to learn the intricacies of the skill of artists, so art schools were massively organized. Many masters accepted apprentices who became their followers.


Artist job Creative Workz
This profession is suitable for creative people with a well-developed imagination

Over time, the art has evolved. Nowadays, the profession of an artist has a number of varieties, which depend on the style, type of consumables and profile of activity. Their earnings differ significantly. Many artists live below the poverty line, hoping for recognition, while others are buried in luxury. Modern art is impossible without classical painting and the work of artists.

The Artist job is a creative work that requires good imagination, inspiration and mastery of drawing techniques. There are a lot of areas of artistic activity, therefore, a number of narrower specializations are distinguished in the profession:

  • Illustrator. A specialist who creates pictures that describe the text.
  • Graphic artist. Master working in one contrasting color. Most often it is black. Pencil, ink, etc. are used for drawings.
  • Cartoonist. This is a specialist who creates funny portraits or parodies of current events.
  • Painter. The name of this branch is the most ancient and it is characterized by drawing from nature.
  • Fashion designer. This specialist specializes in creating sketches of new clothing collections. An artist who invents an outfit, a trendsetter.
  • Copy artist. A specialist who creates copies of paintings, reproductions. Restoration artist. These specialists know exactly how to restore the original look to masterpieces. Specialist in the field of miniature painting.
  • Portrait painter. This is work with people in order to fully convey their external features. The transfer can be partial, it all depends on the style in which the master works.

There are many other equally popular areas of activity. The specifics of work in each of them has a number of differences. But one thing remains common - this is the art of conveying thoughts and fantasies through drawing.

Who is suitable for this profession

This profession is suitable for creative people with a well-developed imagination. A real artist knows how to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds him and interpret his emotions into works of fine art. In addition, an important quality for any artist is self-organization. After all, the working day is mainly built depending on orders and inspiration. The master must be able to force himself to work even through “I don’t want to”. Communication is very important. After all, the order for 50% depends on whether the creator of works of art will be able to please future customers.


The demand for a profession directly depends on the specialization. But if you take it in a general sense, then it is very low. Basically, artists are freelance painters and work for themselves.