One of the most modern connectivity options - USB Type-C - is starting to appear in more and more new products, but it should be taken only as a nice addition. Its capabilities are quite limited, so manufacturers are counting on 60-75 Hz, without the support of any adaptive clock technology.


Best 4k monitor under 300 Creative Workz
2022 update: Best 4k monitor under 300 - choosing the best gaming monitor

The LG OLED 55C9P is a gaming TV without compromise

The 55-inch C9 OLED TV with 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR support and excellent built-in speakers costs less than the flagship gaming monitor from ASUS, $2000 in official retail (and in the "gray" one can be found for $1000, but without a guarantee). The only negative is that you won’t work much for this, and prolonged display of static interface elements can lead to burnout.

Conclusion: choose wisely

The should always match the capabilities of the gaming system and the features of your favorite genres. A huge OLED TV may be an action and RPG fan's dream, but it will be completely useless for an esports player. At the same time, a small but very fast TN monitor with poor color reproduction will only cause bewilderment for a car simulator enthusiast.

When upgrading the gaming place, the monitor queue is the last one. A more powerful video card will make you feel the improvements even on an old office display, but a cool and fast QHD monitor will only emphasize all the shortcomings of a weak computer.

Even in 2020, it's pointless for most users to chase ad-words like 4K and HDR. High resolutions and advanced color rendering technologies exist for enthusiasts who are willing to overpay and put up with a lack of suitable content.

Are you going to buy a powerful computer so that you can play your favorite games? Don't overlook one very important aspect of the purchase - the monitor. Whether it's strategy, adventure or shooter games, here are the top gaming monitors that can handle these tasks with ease.

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