The lightest portable grill option is the O-Grill. The range of the brand includes three models, but we will focus on the most interesting - 800T. The grill is very compact, flat, made in the shape of a sea shell. It’s also a great option for outings.


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What is the Best gas grills under 500 - 2022 review

O-Grill 800T gas grill under $500

It is very light (10 kg), so even a lady can carry it if desired. The grill is slightly less powerful than the Napoleon and Broil King models, but this difference will not be deliberate. The lid of the grill is steel and low, so you can’t put a large piece of meat or chicken into this grill.

In general, it must be said that portable models were invented, first of all, so that they can be conveniently taken with you on picnics and cook food quickly. Still, baking and similar more complex recipes are the prerogative of large grills. The small grill is designed for small tasks. It's perfect when you need to quickly set up a field kitchen and cook up some goodies. Fresh air enhances the taste buds, so sausages, skewers with vegetables cooked on a portable grill will create the feeling of being in a restaurant. Unless it is served, it may not be so elegant. But the taste!

Let's get back to O-Grill. 800T is available in bright colors; can work on a small gas cartridge, which is now not difficult to buy. And if you purchase a special hose, then the grill can be connected to a regular reusable cylinder of any volume. We see this as a more rational solution, since a small disposable can is not enough for a long time. If you have a cylinder of 7-12 liters, then you do not need to worry with it that at the hungriest moment you will run out of gas. Just make sure the bottle is filled.

Additionally, a folding table can be purchased for the best gas grills under 500, so as not to bend over or squat while cooking. The choice of accessories is not as wide as in models with a high lid, but you can buy a small baking stone, a cast-iron plancha for a change. Do not forget about the cover, after all, the grill will lie somewhere longer than it will be used, so it needs to be protected from dust, scratches, etc.), as well as the surrounding things to be protected from it (grease residues can drip onto something).

Broil King Signet 390 best gas grills under 500

Of great interest is the Broil King Signet 390 grill with a spit in the kit. It has a high lid made of cast aluminum, and its central part is covered with a sheet of steel from the outside. Such a sandwich allows her to better retain heat in the chamber. Under it, you can place something very large for roasting on a spit or on a special stand (chicken on a roaster with beer in an upright position, a large piece of meat on a stand). It is important that such a large space allows the heat to move freely in the right direction without getting stuck anywhere, and this ensures uniform cooking.

If desired, you can install a flashlight on the handle of the grill lid. A very functional accessory, especially if you like to cook in the evening.

The cast-iron grate rod in this grill is massive, it gives off heat very well to the cooking ingredients, frying them more evenly. Massiveness is durability. The rod thickness of the Signet 390 is the same as that of the Broil King Baron series grills.

Above the main grate there is an additional steel grate (60x26 cm), covered with porcelain enamel (it gives a slight non-stick effect), for heating or cooking in a milder temperature regime.

The base of the oven, like the lid, is also made of massive cast aluminium. It has three main burners made of stainless steel, made using Dual-Tube technology ("tube in tube"), like all grills of higher series. The gas first enters a tube of a smaller diameter, then from it through a series of special holes - into a tube of a larger diameter (a smaller tube is inserted into it). Thus, the flame evenly enters the oven from two rows of holes, which are made along the entire length of the large tube.

Spacious side tables that can hold utensils, ingredients, spices and other small items that you will need during cooking are easy to fold after you have finished using the grill. This important feature makes it compact in storage. On the left table there is a gas burner (its power is 2.7 kW), it significantly expands the possibilities of the grill.

This one, like other Broil King grills, has an electronic ignition that is battery operated.

At the bottom of the grill there is a plastic bottom with a slot for an 18.2 l cylinder.

The disadvantage of the locker is that, apart from the balloon, nothing will fit in it. To the right and left of the balloon there is a small space where you can only put something flat and lean it against the wall of the locker.

The plastic bottom of the cabinet has two small wheels with stoppers on one end, and two very large wheels on the other, which overcome unevenness well. Plus, this grill immediately becomes more attractive for lovers of barbecue parties on the lawns: they lifted it by the right table and rolled it out to the center of the lawn on large wheels.

If the spit is not so important for you, then in the modification without it and the rear burner for the spit, this grill can be bought cheaper. The model is called Broil King Signet 340.