So what is programming? Programming is the writing of applications based on certain rules, some of which are listed in our article. Now you understand what development is at a basic level. We wish you success on your way to mastering the skill of programming. If you understand that JavaScript is not for you, find out which programming language is suitable for a beginner.


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Choosing the Best keyboard for programming


Programming began in ancient Egypt, and today it is used in the decoding of genes. It seems like some kind of magic, but in reality they are just programs that work. ... From ancient Egypt to genome sequencing: what programming really is. Programming in the narrow sense is the writing of programs, and in the broadest sense, the creation of instructions for any system that can perceive them. Source: Best mechanical keyboard programming.

Best programming keyboard

Cherry fans may find this decision unacceptable, but thanks to this, the G Pro version has become cheaper than most alternative models. While the Cherry switches are smoother, there's not much difference between them - a nice click and feedback hasn't gone away.

With the Logitech G Pro X version, you can even swap out the standard GX Blue for the softer GX Brown or smooth GX Red. As is the case with many compact models, the G Pro lacks extra features like programmable keys or a volume wheel. However, when performing its tasks, this model is one of the best.

At the same time, it is impossible to say that this particular model is the best keyboard for a programmer. Because each individual programmer is a set of his own beliefs, habits and characteristics. What exactly should not be on all keyboards is:

  • extra noise;
  • movements on the table;
  • unstable work.

Well, the rest: switches, switches, backlight, additional buttons, wired / wireless, membrane / mechanics, etc. - this is strictly “for an amateur”. Therefore, the recommendation is "number one" - try and test your favorite keyboard "on the spot".

Several models from the category "Best keyboard for a programmer"

Logitech G915 Tactile. Ultra-slim body, low profile mechanical buttons, low operating noise, multiple backlight modes, several additional keys: for multimedia and "volume wheel", backlight control, 5 "free" buttons that can be programmed as you wish. Several settings profiles for the keyboard itself. Such a keyboard can be connected to several devices at once and simply “switch” between them using additional buttons.

Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed

It has the same characteristics as the model described above, however, this keyboard is wireless, with a special type of LightSpeed ​​connection, and can also be connected via Bluetooth.

XPG Summoner

Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, magnetic stand, 9 levels of backlighting and many additional buttons. In addition to the keyboard, there is a nice palm rest, which is very soft and adds a touch of comfort when working with this keyboard.

Logitech MX Keys

Membrane keyboard with laptop-like buttons, so very quiet. It has a small size, while very stable, thanks to rubber legs and a metal base. It has both wired and wireless connections. Supports up to 3 devices connected to it at the same time, between which you can switch by pressing additional buttons.

Red Square Keyrox TKL Classic

Mechanical keyboard, made entirely in the classic style in terms of button layout, but it does not have a block with numbers. The buttons themselves on the keyboard are of 2 colors, where the frequently used ones are red, the rest are black. There is a backlight.