You can select models with eARC function. This is an improved and improved version of the audio return channel. These soundbars are suitable for connecting to a set of home theater acoustics. On the end there is a USB connector.


Bose bass 500 vs 700 Creative Workz
2022 Bose bass 500 vs 700 - chosing the best


In principle, the most elementary remote control with several buttons for adjusting the volume and switching sound processing modes will be enough. Unless you need integration into a multi-room system like, then the presence of a Wi-Fi module or your own wireless protocol is mandatory.


It is pointless to give advice here, especially since excellent professionals work on the appearance of most models of large manufacturers, and they know their business well. I note that in recent years I have never come across a soundbar, looking at which would have lost any desire to purchase it.

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