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Peyton List is an American theater, film actress and singer, born April 6, 1998 (age 19) in Florida, USA. At the age of 4, she moved with her parents to New York. Girl of the day in our review!

Peyton is known for her roles in Disney's Jessie (2011) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010). The most recent work of the actress is the teen comedy "Outskirts" (2017), directed by Peter Hutchings. Peyton's track record also includes Fox's 27th Wedding 2000 (2008) and Remember Me (2010). There are many television series on the list, with the title role in Cashmere Mafia (2008), Sister's Nightmare (2013), Gossip Girl (2007) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999).

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Peyton is also currently hard at work writing songs for her debut music album and devotes her spare time to Girls on the Run, a youth development program for girls.

Peyton lives in Los Angeles, but her heart remains in Brooklyn, New York, where she grew up. She lives at home with her parents John and Susanna, twin brother Spencer List and younger brother Phoenix. They also live with their rescue dogs, Windsor and Gatsby.

Peyton is interested in theatre, water sports, travelling, songwriting and naturally connecting with her fans on social media. With all that Peyton has achieved in just 19 years, she can look forward to the highest results in film, music, multimedia, fashion and philanthropic endeavors. Commendable!

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