For the first time the cleaning service appeared in England in the 19th century.


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A comprehensive story of cleaning industry in London

The first clients of cleaners London were the wealthiest homes and official institutions. With the expansion of demand for such services, the British Institute of Cleaning Science was established in England.

The first cleaning devices were so inconvenient, bulky and made so much noise that cleaning was done by hand with rare exceptions. This was the case until the 50s.

Times changed, buildings of a more impressive scale appeared - administrative and medical institutions, hotels. Cleaning rooms of this size by hand was quite problematic. The issue of professional technology for these purposes became more and more urgent. The production of new equipment for cleaning companies began, which was improved over time.

In 1995, the world's first single-disk machine appeared, named "Vega". This was a real breakthrough in the field of professional cleaning. Then, as new technologies developed, the TASKI apparatus was invented in 1969. A distinctive feature of this equipment was the color-coded containers of clean and dirty water.

In the 70s, devices appeared that could not only supply, but also suck water back. Extractors (high-pressure washers capable of washing pile coverings) and scrubber driers are still popular with cleaning workers.

At the stage of the inception of the cleaning market, its main task was to hire a cleaner in London to clean large buildings. This was 70 years ago. In the early 90s, professional cleaning companies began to appear. And by now, having turned into the largest holdings, they offer a wide range of services, which include: daily cleaning of residential or office premises, cleaning of any surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, windows), maintenance of suburban real estate, post-construction cleaning, removal of any garbage, etc.

The year 2004 was marked by the improvement of "TASKI" and the appearance of "SWINGO" - a reliable and safe device that solves various tasks of professional cleaning.

The cleaning services London is a very lucrative business today. England has the largest annual turnover in this area. France is in second place, Germany is third. European countries follow innovation and strive to build their businesses with care for the environment and minimizing the harm caused to it. The concept of "green cleaning" has appeared recently, but already has numerous supporters. Companies strive to use cleaning methods that are safe for human health and the environment. In Russia, the direction of "green cleaning" is also beginning to develop.