When choosing a manufacturing company, you need to be careful: not everyone is able to present high-quality products. Below is a list of the best companies that are considered reliable and perform their functions well, both in the opinion of many reviewers and in the opinion of ordinary users:


Lowrance vs Simrad Creative Workz
Choosing the best fish finder: Lowrance vs Garmin fishfinder 2022


The Lucky FL218CS-T fish finder has a reinforced body, a 3.1-inch color display - this makes it possible to adjust the sensitivity level and give a signal when a fish is found instantly. The scanning angle of a single-beam wired sensor is forty-five degrees with a frequency of two hundred kilohertz. The fish finder not only shows fish accumulations, but also displays a graphical representation of the bottom structure.


  • screen - color;
  • scanning depth - up to 100 m;
  • one beam with a viewing angle of 45 degrees;
  • food - from batteries / accumulators;
  • operating temperature - from -20 to 50 ° C.


  • Reinforced body.
  • Working time - up to 8 hours.
  • Image clarity.


  • Only 1 beam with a total coverage of 45°.

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Screen type

It can be monochrome and color. Monochrome is cheaper, but color allows you to draw a more detailed and understandable picture of what is happening at the bottom, which simplifies the research process. The screen resolution should be appropriately high - it will be more convenient to look at small details. The screen size plays an important role here.

Hull Location

There are stationary and portable fish finders, as well as universal models according to the type of housing attachment. The first type is installed on ships, the devices are larger and heavier than portable ones, which makes it possible to equip them with additional functions and a large screen. The portable model is famous for its mobility. They prefer such options for the convenience of their use and transportation.

Reference: Wikipedia: Fish finder.