Someone re-learned how to do a manicure at home, someone chose long-lasting designs, and the most creative ones came up with the idea of gluing false nails over gloves.


Manicure trends 2022 Creative Workz
Last year was a great opportunity to restore your skills in nail care

Because of such a diverse experience, future trends have become so diverse - below we will tell you which trends, judging by the Instagram feed, will take over in 2021.

Multicolored manicure

Those whose hands have been imprisoned in gloves for a long time, I would rather try all the colors at once. We understand - although we do not advise saying goodbye to an accessory in public places so quickly — a multi-colored design is really a great example of how to quickly and simply draw attention to your nails. There are no strict rules here — contrasting colors will look just as good as a carefully selected gradient (see link for some fantastic examples). But if you still want to choose shades in the same color scheme, follow the color circle: it will be convenient if your master's varnishes are laid out in accordance with it.

Minimalistic manicure with sequins

Dilute a neutral manicure with a small scattering of sequins or add a couple of rhinestones to a completely transparent coating — another flashback on quarantine days when salons were closed and everyone did only what they could on their nails. Today, your master can lay out iridescent particles along the tips of the nails, and the design will not become less relevant from this.

Personal Manifesto

In the face of record-high levels of stress, we had to look for new ways of self-expression. Many have discovered that nail art, like any other kind of art, can easily become a self-portrait. For example, a life motto, a political position, a mood at the moment or a passion for astrology can easily be expressed in design — such a trend is too good not to take it into the new year.

Black and white accents

The black and white palette has always been held in high esteem, and now it has finally found a new breath. Thin graphic lines and patterns have replaced the monochrome black and white coating. And monochrome in laconic or, on the contrary, composite details makes the design more catchy and contrasting.