With Hi-Res certification, Dynamic Balance speaker construction, terylene tweeter domes, mica-filled polypropylene cones, precision crossovers, anti-diffraction magnetic mount grilles, resonance-free MDF cabinets, you get the highest sound quality. quality for movies, TV shows and music - and at the same time, in a completely redesigned design.


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2022 Polk audio center speaker review

Polk audio signature s35 can drive even the most modest output amplifiers or receivers. Whether you connect your speakers to the latest digital receivers or to an old amplifier, you will still get spacious, transparent, enveloping and realistic sound. The cascading crossover creates a seamless and realistic soundstage no matter where the listener is in the room.

Polk audio center speaker

Polk Audio has updated its line of Signature E home theater speakers. New products are certified for Hi-Res audio playback. The Signature E series is built on the basis of the regular Signature, but has technologies borrowed from the brand's top lines. The series includes three floor models, three bookshelf and two models of center channel acoustics. To improve bass performance, the design uses the proprietary Polk Power Port, which increases bass response by 3 dB and expands the bottom of the bass due to a larger area.

Polk S35

Aesthetics has been the focus of attention in the design of the Signature E Series loudspeakers, with beautiful contours and gold accents to enhance their bold and stylish look. Available in Black or Winter White finishes, all speakers in the series will seamlessly blend into the style of your home. Thanks to the patented Dynamic Balance technology, Polk Audio engineers were able to use the most suitable, carefully selected materials and the most efficient driver geometry, analyzing the entire electro-acoustic and mechanical system of each speaker. In doing so, they eliminated many problems and allowed all speakers to produce the best and most accurate sound that will please even the most discerning audiophiles.

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Speaker system Polk Audio Signature S35e

The Polk Audio Signature S35e is a home theater center channel speaker with a low profile for easy placement. The column has a nice design and very high quality workmanship. It is available in black or white exterior finishes, so you can choose the best option for any interior. Additional attractiveness of the Polk Audio Signature S35e is given by the rounded corners of the case, as well as a neat protective mesh that completely covers the entire front panel. The grill in the column has anti-friction properties, due to which it further evens out its directivity diagram and makes the sound more focused.