The promised quantity does not always equal the quality. The easiest and free, but at the same time long and difficult path is natural.


Social media promotion: how it works Creative Workz
Today, the number of subscribers is not perceived as an exceptional value.

Why live subscribers are needed today

Let's start with simple things. The number of followers in your profile today is perceived rather as the level of your ambitions. The indicators must certainly be high, but with a caveat, these must be real indicators.

Each of us today is thinking about how to attract and captivate real readers of your feed, to qualitatively improve the characteristics of subscribers.

Step by step account promotion plan

  • Every day post one publication (photo or video) and additional stories. Do not post more than 2 texts per day.
  • Your posts should be relevant to your goals. Work out the purpose of the post, its content and formulate the expected response of the community to your message. Determine the target audience for the content.
  • Determine the chronologically comfortable placement period. Namely, the time when, according to statistics, you get the maximum number of likes and new subscribers. This item varies for different socio-age groups (for example, students are active online after lunch, etc.).
  • Work on the quality of photos and videos. Experiment by trying different filters and graphics effects.
  • Actively use hashtags, publish new photos and stories. You will ensure a 20% increase in the number of likes and subscribers if you start adding popular hashtags to your posts.
  • Do not forget about a good tool - georeferencing, this will make it easier for new users to search.
  • Do not acquire followers immediately, first try to increase their number yourself. Sudden, one-time growth may seem strange and cause a negative response from the community, many will figure out what's what. As a result, you will lose much more than you gain.
  • It is worth considering the option of buying not only subscribers, but also likes. Judge for yourself, if you have a thousand subscribers, but not one like - it will be very unusual. You will see how quickly the popularity of publications will grow as soon as the number of likes under them grows.
  • Delete comments that are not related to the topic of the post. After buying subscribers, spam may appear on your page. Clean from time to time, statements that do not make sense.