In recent years, writing essays has become a mandatory part of the educational process, as well as the university and college admission process. In this regard, the problem often arises, the essay is ready, but how to edit it? Without editing, the result can be unsatisfactory, and the chances of admission are greatly reduced.


Steps to take when editing an essay Creative Workz
Steps to take when editing an essay See 2022 update

Of course, the easiest way is to find one of the best online paper editing services on some rating website, but when this is not an option you will have to edit an essay yourself.

Stages of editing

When you sit down and start editing, the question arises “Where to start?” The whole process can be separated into the following stages:

  • 1. Get a general idea: What is this text about?;
  • 2. Divide the text into parts;
  • 3. Look for unfamiliar words;
  • 4. Underline/emphasize the important passages;
  • 5. Rewrite parts that confuse you;
  • 6. Outline the text.

Now, some of the stages are obvious, while others can be new to you. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Get a general idea

The best way to get an overview is to read the headings of your text. Then you'll have a basis on which you can hang additional information from the text.

In books, an overview of the chapter is given at the beginning or end. Some longer texts have a table of contents at the beginning or end. This should also be the first thing you study.

Divide the text into parts

If the text is heavily divided by headings, you can use these small chapters as divisions. Often, however, you have to do subsections. You can then read paragraph by paragraph. It's best to pay attention to when a new stream of thought begins. Stop there first.

Look for unfamiliar words

Find unfamiliar words or ask someone to explain them to you. Otherwise, you won't know what you're talking about. Your vocabulary will also grow, and with it, your creativity, expressiveness, and spelling skills.

Underline/emphasize the important passages

You can underline important parts of the text or mark them with a highlighter pen. If you are not allowed to write anything in the text itself, write out important sentences using keywords. Writing down important content ensures that it is more firmly fixed in your memory.

Rewrite parts that confuse you

After each paragraph, repeat what you read in your own words. This will help you remember the text.

Outline the text

It is important to make an outline of what you read. Because we tend to remember better what we see as a picture, Outline is very helpful.


Editing is a particularly difficult and delicate task. Not noticing mistakes, and encouraging carelessness is impossible. But by nagging or demanding perfectly written essays the teacher can discourage students from writing, and from trying to express their own thoughts and feelings. However, in the modern world, every student can express themselves and still get good grades thanks to editing services. Write in whatever style you want, give your work to a professional editor and forget all tables.