There are already many modifications of vapes on the market, each has its own distinctive features, and it is difficult for a beginner to understand all the variety of goods, especially when at every step unknowing people repeat that vapes explode and generally harm health.


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Electronic cigarettes are a good way to quit smoking...

Electronic cigarettes are a good way to quit smoking.

Do not be afraid of electronic cigarettes - like any other modern device at Vaping Space, they are designed for our comfort and improve the quality of life. Thanks to vaping, you can forget about coughs, unpleasant odors from hands and clothes, shortness of breath, poor oral hygiene, headaches and other unpleasant things that plague all smokers.

If you don't know anything about vaping yet, then this mini-guide is for you. We will tell you about the design features of these devices, how to use them and how to choose the right device.

Principle of operation

Whatever the electronic cigarette, the algorithm of its operation will practically not differ from other similar devices. All vapes work on the principle of liquid evaporation: you activate the device with a button or a puff, the electric current from the battery is supplied to the coil, it heats up, and the cotton moistened with the liquid begins to convert it into steam.

Nuances - the type and capacity of the battery, the size and thickness of the winding, the amount of cotton, etc. - affect the taste and steam generation, but the essence of the work remains unchanged.

Variety of models

The vape battery can be built-in or removable. Individual box mods can hold up to 4 batteries, while sub-systems operate on a small battery with low power. The battery is exactly the part of the vape that can explode. You can read about why and how this happens here.

Besides the difference in food types, e-cigarettes have differences in defense mechanisms. Box mods with electronic boards are by far the safest in this niche - they are protected from improper battery installation, overcharging, accidental switching on, overheating, short circuits and other troubles. Mechanical mods do not forgive an inattentive attitude towards them - there are no electronic boards in them, so all responsibility for their safety lies with the bather himself.

Vapes also differ in the type of atomizer - that part of the device in which the liquid evaporates. Cartridge systems do not provide much room for creativity, since they are only suitable for specific models of sub-systems. But box mods and mech mods can be equipped with both a flavoring drip and a capacious tank.

The liquid and its composition greatly affects the vaping quality. For pods and devices with a tight cigarette puff, you can choose liquids with salt nicotine, and for classic atomizers, mixes without nicotine, or with a concentration of this substance in the range of 3-6 mg / ml, are suitable. Higher rates are better left for cartridge devices.

The main condition for comfortable and safe vaping is to take care of yourself on your own and not to put dubious experiments. For beginners, we recommend box mods with thermal control and compact RDAs - they are easier to dig and maintain than tanks, but everything is individual. Mechanical mods are not recommended for beginners, since they require very fine tuning and careful attention to themselves, but with the advent of your experience, it will not be difficult to master such a mechanism!

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