In this article, we will talk about what orthodontic aligners are and how they work to correct crooked teeth.


What are invisible braces? Creative Workz
To begin the process of straightening your teeth, you must know all the possibilities of modern orthodontics and choose the best option for your treatment.

Aligners (invisible braces), like other types of orthodontic braces, work by gradually moving the teeth into the ideal position, making the teeth straight. This is accomplished by wearing a series of aligners, each for 2 weeks at a time, that move the teeth 0.3 mm per aligner until perfect alignment is achieved. Aligners are sometimes called clear braces or clear braces because they are transparent. This means you can wear them in front of people without looking into their teeth, as is usually the case with metal or even ceramic braces ( for reference).

Transparent trays are transparent trays made of a special material that are used to straighten teeth, just like braces. They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth into position without the need for wires or braces. They are custom made for each patient using digital scanning.


They are specially designed for each person and are designed to move the teeth very, very slowly in the desired direction. This is achieved by digitally capturing the impression and processing information using specialized software, where future predictions are calculated for better results and straighter teeth, and then the milling machine automatically produces a set of spoons for you. On average, a person needs about 25-40 sets to fully align.

How long does it take to recover?

Aligners have the advantage of adhering very well, which over time practically become part of the body and therefore do not cause speech problems. There are no restrictions on food and drink, as you remove them before every meal.