Game design, gameDev and creation of game characters: a brief intro.


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Game characters - how do you create them and why

We will understand why characters in games are different from characters in books and films and how this affects game design (reference: unity multiplayer solutions).

Every good story needs good characters. And while we may have tons of ideas about what kind of characters we will create, in practice it is much more complicated. This applies to games very strongly, because in them the connection between the character and the player must be maximized.

When characters are not needed

To begin with, let's discard all games in which there is no one to animate - tetris, chess, dominoes, dice.

It will be about games where there are living beings. So, for example, you don't have to work on a character in sandboxes - games in which you can have a good time without a plot.

In sandboxes, the players themselves choose what to do, and therefore they simply do not need to associate themselves with anyone. For example, many Minecraft players don't know that the characters are named Steve and Alex. Does this affect anything?

What's more, players can download whatever skins they want.

The same goes for other sandboxes. For example, as a kid, I could spend hours playing GTA: Vice City and San Andreas. And although these games have a storyline, it didn't matter to me - I created my own.

If you have ideas for a good story, then you need to take care of the characters. Continue reading: mobile game development agency