After Zendaya Onlyfans leaked pictures appeared on the web, her popularity skyrocketed. Her career was not that of an ordinary celebrity. And most probably, in 2023 she can double her earnings!


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Zendaya career in big cinema

In 2017, Zendaya finally got rid of her Disney character and starred in two films at once: Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman. She went from being a comedy actress for teenagers to fitting in perfectly with the film industry.

In 2019, she was offered a role in the TV series Euphoria. The role of junkie Roo Bennett was a new jumping off point in her career. "It's very exciting," the actress revealed. - I can finally do a good soap opera and do family-friendly movies in parallel. 

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Zendaya Private life mystery

Obviously, Zendaya is one of Hollywood's strongest actresses in terms of standing up for her rights. But she's also a very secretive girl!

In 2017, she revealed that she dated a guy for four years straight and then they broke up, "He was my first love, but it ended badly. I thought I could break up easily and I caught myself thinking I had done something wrong. It's hard."

She did not give the name of her character, but circumstantial evidence suggests it was actor Trevor Jackson, who played as a guest star on the TV series KC. According to another version, it was footballer Odell Beckham, Jr. Either way, Zendaya is still silent.


Filming in Euphoria has given a new lease of life to Zendaya's career. After the premiere of the first season, she became one of the most talked about actresses of the year and after a brilliant launch, the project was renewed for a second season. It premiered in early 2022. Zendaya also appeared in the blockbuster film Dune, paired with Timothy Chalamet. She plays Chani, a young Freeman from the desert planet Arrakis, the lover of Paul Atreides (who is also played by Chalamet).

Around the same time, Zendaya shot for the cover of the October issue of Vogue.

In 2022, HBO released the much-anticipated second season of Euphoria, in which the actress returned to the role of Roux, a girl with drug addiction and psychological problems. Zendaya warned subscribers in advance that the new instalment of the series could be "difficult to watch". The first episode, released on 9 January, drew 2.4 million viewers - a record for the platform.